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    It is a personal homepage. If you need to contact me or just get my actual CV - you are in the right place. Other way you maybe will be more interested in my blog posts or github projects.

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    Me at 2014

    Hi. My name is Stanislaw Bogatkin and I'm an IT guy.

    My overall speciality is a DevOps one. During last years I have been working mainly at OpenStack area, being a core developer in Mirantis for a several years and working as Reilability Engineer in GoDaddy cloud team nowadays. In my free time I usually write some software, play table tennis or travel to other countries. If you wanna ask me something - feel free to do so.

    If you wanna propose me a job - here is my actual CV

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    Stanislaw Bogatkin

    E-mail: sbog@sbog.ru
    IRC: sbog at Freenode

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